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Why use ‘Equestrian Recommended’

Equestrian Recommended hosts genuine Customer Feedbacks that enable you to make a more informed choice as to what products to buy, services to commission or places to visit. I am sure you will agree that in an increasingly stretched economy, every penny counts and equestrians are intent on achieving value for money and to have complete satisfaction that their specific requirements will be met.

Conventionally, you will have had to rely on limited 'word of mouth' recommendations from friends and family or information provided on the web or from glossy pre purchase published information. Of course, it is only through the genuine feedback of others who have bought the same products or services or have been to the venues that you are considering visiting, that will give you a more informed choice as to the most appropriate supplier or provider for you.

On 'Equestrian Recommended' you can search for an ever increasing number of equestrian products and services that have been rated by genuine 'Customer Feedback'. Many have achieved the distinction of being either 'Recommended or Highly Recommended'. So if you are looking for recommendations related to horse feeds and supplements, arena surfaces, arena and paddock equipment, stables or field shelters, equine and equestrian clothing products or for services related to; for example horse transport, truck maintenance, competition centres or cross country courses, you will find invaluable customer feedbacks that will increase you confidence and knowledge to select a supplier or provider to meet your specific requirements . In addition to a 'Customer Feedback Rating' for individual products, services or facilities, our member companies also display an overall dynamic 'Customer Feedback Status'. This unique status is derived from our revolutionary rating system that provides each company with a collective testimony from all their 'Customer Feedbacks' received.

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