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How does it work?

Being receptive and responsive to what your customers have to say about the Products, Services or Venue Facilities that your company provides has become increasingly accepted as a fundamental requirement and driver for business success. However, as rational as this may seem- how easy is it to achieve? Incorporating a genuine feedback policy in the marketing and development strategies of your business can be a complex and costly exercise!

Equestrian Recommended provides a unique and affordable opportunity for your company to receive genuine feedbacks from customers. Automatically rated and collated, this 'industry first' initiative enables your business to proactively develop a collective 'Recommended' or 'Highly Recommended' 'Customer Feedback Status' and by so doing be assured of a distinct competitive advantage.

Using a 'Company Profile Page' you can place Products, Services or Venue Facilities known as 'Review Items', for which you would like to receive Customer Feedbacks. This page provides 'More Information' and a collective 'Customer Feedback Rating' for each 'Review Item' and displays all related feedbacks received.

The soliciting of feedbacks from your customers is made easy by the use of an 'Equestrian Recommended Customer Feedback' graphic link that can be placed on your website, promotional and product literature or packaging materials. This logo signifies that your company is a member of Equestrian Recommended and that you wish to receive genuine feedbacks. Should your business be primarily web or e-marketing based, Equestrian Recommended can also promote the commitment to obtaining Customer Feedbacks by the use of a bespoke 'e-Feedback Service'. This service can ensure the highest response rates by providing scheduled requests e.g. at the time of purchase or visiting a venue or a specific time thereafter.

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